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Top Five Things to Look for In A Optical Retail Store

Author: Diane Vaneck | | Categories: Contact Lenses , Eye Care , Optical Store

Top Five Things to Look for In A Optical Retail Store

When you have recently had your eyes tested and are recommended to wear prescription glasses (or lenses), you may be on the lookout for the right places to buy a pair of glasses. This is where an optical store serves as a place where you can visit with the objective of purchasing eyeglasses and frames that work for you.

A professional optical retailer can help you find the perfect glasses or lenses so that you can have your visual requirements comprehensively addressed and enjoy a clear and comfortable vision. However, looking for an optical retailer can be a tall order. With numerous professionals operating in each city, choosing the right one can be challenging.

To help you narrow down your search, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in an optical retail store.

1. Friendly

Did you receive a warm smile upon entering the store? Did the associate ask you how you were doing before engaging in a “How can I help you today?” Did the associate get up from the chair or did they sit down and greet you, removing diverse abilities from the equation? To ensure the aftercare of your purchase, these are the kinds of courtesies that should be considered prior to investing in their service.

2. Clean

Is the store clean? Are the lenses covered in fingerprints and dust? Are the brands listed effectively? Are there several empty spaces? Have the floors, counters and tables been maintained? Does the store smell fresh and clean? These are all indicators of a store that can ultimately translate to the care of their customers.

3. Professional Attitude

A smile goes a long way as does clear and effective communication. You are purchasing eyewear that you will likely have for a minium of two years. Did the person provide you with knowledgeable responses? Did they answer all your questions effectively? Did they ask about your lifestyle and work environment? Sales! Did the person offer to share with you current sales and promotions to better assist with your budget? This is all about you, and the person helping you should refrain from talking about themselves too much, unless it's to share a reason why their experience with a specific product worked or didn't work for either themselves or someone they know.

4. Engaging associates

Are the people who you are entrusting with your eyewear ask questions about you and how you will be using your eyewear? Lifestyle questions are incredibly important to establish how best to serve your needs. Yes, we all know you are using your eyewear to 'see', however we also know what may enhance certain activities or hobbies you may have. Are you a snooker or pool player? Do you enjoy sports such as fishing, hunting, golfing, water or snow sports? Are you a gamer or spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen?Licensed Opticians know which products to suggest to enhance these situations that even YOU might not have considered as an option for your own eyes.

5. Does the store have Licensed Opticians helping you?

Anyone can sell eyewear, but not everyone can determine what your needs are based on effective questions they may not think to ask. We can also provide feedback as to why your prescription may or may not work with a particular style of frame you have in mind. As previously mentioned, we can also offer suggestions as to what eyewear and lens combination will work with certain situations in your office, hobbies, sports or lifestyle. Licensed Opticians are also trained to be able to repair your eyewear should something happen to your existing product. Sales are important however we are in the business to help you SEE, not just make a profit. Good Opticians sell to YOUR NEEDS. We make recommendations based on all your feedback. The questions may seem random, but I assure you, there is a reason why we are asking them. We are trained on many aspects of your eyewear, not just sales

If you are looking for an optical store in Penticton, BC, reach out to us at Penticton Optical. We have been providing eye care needs to the people of South Okanagan since 1954. Our professional staff comprises of Licensed Opticians who are members of the College of Opticians of British Columbia. We provide our clients with the most up-to-date lens technology, frames, and contact lenses on the market and we focus on personalized services. We understand that each one of you has different eye care needs and our staff will ensure that you’re comfortable and your needs are addressed.

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