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Ten Questions To Ask When Visiting An Optical Store

Author: Diane Vaneck | | Categories: Contact Lenses , Licensed Optician , Optical Store

Ten Questions To Ask When Visiting An Optical Store - Blog by Penticton Optical

If you’re looking for an optical store in Penticton, BC, whether to purchase new eyewear or get them repaired, it’s important to pick a reliable store with high standards. After all, eyewear is a very personal item of everyday use, unique to you and your needs, and you should therefore look for a store that you can trust.

However, if this is your first time visiting an optical store, you may be unsure where to begin when it comes to selecting the best one for your needs. To make the whole process easier for you, we’ve outlined ten valuable questions to ask a potential optical store.

During your initial consultation, ask these questions to help you understand if this store is the right fit for you and capable of tailoring eyewear that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

1. What are your warranties?
When it comes to eyeglasses warranty, information in advance is the most important. It can save you from trouble and help you choose the right optical store that assists you whenever you need it.

2. How do I take care of my eyewear?
Ask your potential optical store what is the best way to take care of the eyewear. These simple care steps can ensure that your glasses will last longer and that you won’t have to change them in a year or two unless your prescription changes.

3. When should I replace my contact lenses?
A disposable pair of lenses are intended for either daily, bi-weekly or monthly replacement. Lenses for frequent replacement need to be changed according to their replacement schedule to ensure the integrity of your conrnea remains intact. Daily means you wear for the day and throw them away. Bi-Weekly means cleaning and storing daily for two weeks. Monthly means cleaning daily* and replacing every month. *Some lenses are approved for overnight wear but make sure they are before sleeping in your lenses.

4. How often should I see an Optometrist?
Most optometrists and ophthalmologists recommend complete eye exams at least once every two to three years.

5. Do you have an in-house lab?
Find out if an optical store has an in-house lab. Having an in-house lab can help reduce errors and prevent damaged lenses or frames that sometimes result from an outside lab.

6. How long have you been in business?
Penticton Optical has been providing eye care needs to the people of South Okanagan since 1954. Our professional staff comprises Licensed Refracting Opticians and Licensed Contact Lens Technicians who are members of the College of Opticians of British Columbia.

7. How much do you charge for adjustments and spare parts?
Every eyeglass or sunglass repair is unique to the type of material, the engineering or anatomy of the frame, and the manner in which the eyeglasses or sunglasses were compromised. So when taking your eyewear for maintenance, ask for an approximate price for common repairs.

8. Do you have a lab on-site?
At Penticton Optical, we have an on-site lab where our licensed opticians can grind prescription lenses to specifications before inserting them into frames of your choice. Some orders can be ready in an hour!

9. When should l bring my eyewear in for maintenance?
Like cars, eyewear need regular maintenance. Periodically check your eyeglass frames to see if they are misaligned and test for loose screws in the frame arms. If the eyeglass frame looks twisted or your lenses seem to ride uneven on your nose, then it’s time to drop in on your eye care professional for a (typically free) adjustment.

10. What do your warranties cover?
You should know that the guarantee and return policies offered by the optical stores are not the same. They vary from one to another. The best way to be sure that you can solve your eyeglasses problems that can occur is to inquire before you buy, only so you know what to expect from that store in terms of the warranty.

Are you looking for an optical store in Penticton, BC? Then reach out to Penticton Optical. We are licensed opticians and contact lens technicians focused on personalized service. We understand that each one of you has different eye care needs. Our staff will ensure that you’re comfortable and your needs are addressed.

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